We exist to give the highest glory to God by making him the focus of our attention, and by carrying out the great commission of Christ ( Matt 28:19-20)

 To build a united community of servant – leaders.

To bring revival to our community through an organized and aggressive ministry of intercession.

 To equip and send out spirit filled Evangelistic teams who are able to minister to families by meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

 To develop “cutting edge” children and youth ministry to reach the un-churched in our community.

 To bring in the un-churched in our community, and teach them the way of salvation by helping them to be and to do their best for the Lord.

 To empower our members by training and allowing them to freely use their spiritual gifts to bring souls into the Kingdom of God.

 To create meaningful and helpful programs geared to meet the needs of our members and the commnunity.

We will be a teaching church: rightly dividing the word of truth.